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Stone For Your Bathroom Floor

There is absolutely no denying the raw beauty of stone. It can be breathtaking to walk into a bathroom with stone floors. Some of the most popular stones used in bathroom remodels include marble, granite, travertine, slate, onyx, and sandstone. However, beauty often comes with a price, and that can certainly be the case with…

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Remodeling Ideas for a luxury Bathroom

Today’s luxury bathroom pushes the envelope, exceeds the imagination, and dares to go where no man has gone before. Some items you can expect to find in a luxury bathroom these days are multi-port showering set-ups, smart toilets, steam showers, towel warmers and heated floors, shower rain heads and body sprays, bathroom refrigeration coolers, bubbler…

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Creative Colors in your New Bathroom

When hiring experienced remodeling professionals, talk to them about adding unique combination of colors to your new bathroom. You can be bold and use the latest in contemporary trends and décor schemes that will help you makeover your outdated room, transforming it into the tranquil sanctuary of your dreams. Choosing color palettes for your bathroom…

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