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Is It Finally Time for a Luxury Toilet?

If you’ve done some world traveling, especially in Asian countries, then you know that the U.S. is woefully behind the curve when it comes to an important device that we use every day – the toilet. Toilets are becoming more sophisticated, and as Americans come home from their trips aboard, they want the same pampering…

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Are You Standing In Line To Use Your Own Bathroom?

Standing in line to use the bathroom might have been the norm when you were a kid, especially if you had a few siblings, but that doesn’t cut it now that you are an adult and own your own home. If your master bathroom is almost small enough to qualify as a half bath, then…

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Plano Before & After Remodeling Project

Beautiful Plano Bathroom Remodeling – Before Pictures Beautiful Plano Bathroom Remodeling – After Pictures

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