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How to Conserve Water in the Bathroom

This year, Dallas finally emerged from a long, three-year drought. It’s been a relief to see lakes and rivers finally full and to hear the gentle patter of rainfall on the roof, but this may be a short reprieve. Texas has always battled droughts, and it is likely that we will face drought again in…

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Get Water Wise with Your Bathroom Remodel

Water is a precious resource, and severe droughts in the Southwest have opened many eyes to the fact that we need to start being smarter about how we use water in our home. One of the places that homeowners use the most water is in the bathroom. If you are planning a master bath remodel,…

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Where the Major Costs Come From During a Bathroom Remodel

If you are considering your first kitchen, bath, or full home remodel, you may be surprised at the price tag, even for what you thought was a minor project. Where do all these costs come from? While costs add up along the way from many different things, certain choices will have a big impact on…

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Tub or No Tub in Your Bathroom Remodel?

It’s true that a classical clawed foot tub adds a certain elegance to a bathroom or that a large whirlpool tub complete with jets and a bench seat can make you feel like you have a spa right in your own bathroom. However, adding a tub or replacing your tub as part of your bathroom…

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Plano Before & After Remodeling Project

Beautiful Plano Bathroom Remodeling – Before Pictures Beautiful Plano Bathroom Remodeling – After Pictures

How to Avoid Finish Paralysis for Your Bathroom Project

It’s time to pick out new tile for your bathroom floor. Should you go with ceramic tiles? What about porcelain? Isn’t natural stone so amazing, though? And what’s this you’ve heard about glass tiles? Okay, definitely natural stone. Now, what kind? You’ve got granite, limestone, marble, and onyx. Don’t forget about sandstone, pebble, and travertine…

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Can A Well-Designed Bathroom Improve Your Marriage?

A bathroom, no matter how big, beautiful, or well-designed can’t fix a deeply flawed marriage, but it can make your life a little more comfortable and convenient with your partner. Bathroom real estate is a valuable resource, especially if you and your partner have overlapping schedules and both need to use it at the same…

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Creative Colors in your New Bathroom

When hiring experienced remodeling professionals, talk to them about adding unique combination of colors to your new bathroom. You can be bold and use the latest in contemporary trends and décor schemes that will help you makeover your outdated room, transforming it into the tranquil sanctuary of your dreams. Choosing color palettes for your bathroom…

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1980’s Colleyville Remodel gets a Modern Open Floor Plan

This Colleyville bathroom remodeling project had a familiar bathroom layout common to communities in, (Grapevine, Plano, Keller and Colleyville) where the Master vanities are back to back and there are 2 entry doors into the room. You can see the result of the poor space planning; The space has structural divides which eliminate any focal…

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Bathroom Design Build

The bathroom is one of the most important elements in any home of any value. Dallas homeowners know that after the kitchen, the bathroom is the busiest room in your home. As a high priority and something that is very personal it’s therefor very important to get a re-design done right. If you are looking…

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