Choosing Bathroom Tiles That Limit Slips

Selecting Tiles

Slips and falls can happen anywhere in a home, but whenever you add water into the mix (or on the floor), the chances of a slip rise. This makes the bathroom ground zero for potential slips and injuries, especially if someone in your house has balance issues or limited mobility.

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, the flooring you choose can help prevent slips or make them more likely. Certain types of flooring, especially stone and tile can get extremely slippery when wet. To limit the risk of falls in your brand new gorgeous bathroom, consider these prevention tips:

  • Choose a stone or tile with a textured or mate finish, which will prevent tile surface from getting so slippery
  • Put down a sand-containing glaze to your tiles or stones to add texture if the tiles don’t already have them
  • Put down smaller tiles. The grout will help make them less slick than larger tiles
  • Lay mats in front of the tub, shower, and sink to collect water

Make sure your remodeled bathroom is a place of relaxation, not pain and injury!

Posted on January 27, 2016 in Bath Design Build

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