Is It Finally Time for a Luxury Toilet?

Luxury Bathroom and ToiletIf you’ve done some world traveling, especially in Asian countries, then you know that the U.S. is woefully behind the curve when it comes to an important device that we use every day – the toilet. Toilets are becoming more sophisticated, and as Americans come home from their trips aboard, they want the same pampering from their favorite seat in the house as they get at swanky international hotels. Remodelers are seeing growing requests for these so-called luxury toilets.

Are you looking for the best of the best in every appliance? These luxury toilet features are still rare in the U.S., but they are quickly growing in popularity:

  • Bidet – Offers a more thorough cleaning and considered more sanity by advocates.
  • Heated seat – Helps keep the chill off your most sensitive areas
  • Music/Sounds – Helps to obscure other, less pleasant sounds
  • Air purification – Speaks for itself

If you are ready for a luxury bathroom & toilet in your next Dallas/Ft. Worth master bath remodel, contact us for a quote.

Posted on February 28, 2016 in Bath Design Build

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