Key Upgrades to Modernize Any Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most popular spaces to renovate, just after kitchens. Keeping a bathroom up to date is a very hard thing to do considering deterioration, but original layouts may weigh heavily on satisfying homeowners needs. Studies today show clients want stylish, beautiful spaces, with luxurious finishes and big showers.


Bath and shower


Renovations of master bathrooms post-construction  have shown that fewer than half of homeowners who own bathtubs and renovated their master bathroom actually use their tubs. So why renovate the tub? The top trigger is homeowners can’t stand the old one anymore. More than half of homeowners with separate tubs and showers who went through a master bath renovation say they rarely if ever use a tub in the course of a month.

More than four in five homeowners renovating a master bath are replacing major features from showers to floors. Notably, far less renovators are replacing tubs or tub-shower combos compared to the large amount who address showers. Clients today are looking to supersize their shower so the additional space required is generally coming from the old tub locations. Rainfall showerheads remain popular, while about one-fifth of master bath renovators will add  dual showering options.


Floors and Walls


Tile is still on top for floors. Ceramic or porcelain tile is the most popular flooring material chosen as an update, followed closely by natural stone tile. Among the most popular stones, marble is king, travertine is a close second, and granite and slate are tied for third. Ceramic or porcelain tile is also a popular choice for general wall surfaces in smaller bathrooms, though it still comes in behind paint.



Bathrooms are a place where people can relax and get ready, so it makes sense that the room is such a popular place to start renovations. Contemporary bathrooms are growing as a design theme, however traditional remains at the top as the most popular bathroom style. Beyond specific features or decor choices, the most appreciated design aspects of renovated master bathrooms are their style and beauty. Far fewer owners, comparatively, value a master bath renovation for adding to resale value — an interesting finding, suggesting that a gorgeous bathroom is worth it just for the soothing factor.

Posted on November 5, 2016 in Bath Design Build

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