Plano TX Bathroom Design Remodel Adds Storage and Functionality

Many of the pre 1990’s Dallas/Fort Worth TX area homes lack bathroom storage capacity. Generally space wasn’t available for it or the money wasn’t allocated to build and place it upon construction. This is a hot button consideration for many homeowners when planning to remodel any space in their home.

Prior to its renovation this Plano TX master bathrooms storage consisted of a 6’ base cabinet.

Having a professional remodeling contractor that is willing to spend time with an owner is a must. This will be necessary in order to learn about problems you may have been having in the past with your home. By pre construction planning with a design build expert you will not only improve your results but this process may point to inadequate original building mechanics that can more easily be addressed when remodeling is underway.

In pre planning specific problems outlined for this home included a large thermal window inside the shower with a failed seal leaving it milky. The thermal seals across the adjoining bedroom windows had likewise failed. Past history revealed an ongoing problem with termites that could easily be traced back to the large low window inside the shower space.
In the end, the rear wall of the bedroom/bathroom quadrant had to be re framed due to extensive termite damage caused by an original improper design and install of the window in the shower.

New storage to the home includes overlapping floor to ceiling sliding bedroom book shelving, master bathroom with his and hers vanities; including wall storage towers and a linen cabinet over the master toilet. The master closets similarly have been re-designed for improved functionality and storage.

With proper guidance all of this was accomplished with a fixed price contract and without the need of a work change authorizations.

Part of working a plan is discovery, but there is a lot of excitement in these processes when expert planning provides guidance pin pointed by the needs and values of your family and the needs and opportunity your space affords to retire nagging cosmetic, mechanical or structural flaws.

Posted on April 15, 2015 in Bath Design Build

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