Avoid Costly Bathroom Remodeling Problems

Avoiding costly bathroom remodeling problems may seem obvious but it’s a condition that plays out far more often than you know.


We regularly receive calls from consumers who are in need of replacing a contractor they either can’t get back on the job, or don’t want back on their job. The descriptive nature of their misfortune is so universal you’d think the same person is everywhere ruining peoples dream of a new bathroom.


Bathroom remodeling scopes and challenges that trigger remodeling vary a great deal.


Here are 5-

  • Bathrooms with dysfunctional floorplans.
  • Rooms that utilize leftover spaces ineffectively.
  • Bathrooms that are challenged by size.
  • Things taking up space within the bathroom that aren’t needed, (such as make up seating or tubs).
  • General age and depreciated conditions.


So what’s the problem?


The issue is a lack of understanding planning plays in a bathroom remodel.


*(Before) picture of a bathroom, provided by USI Design & Remodeling.

Bathroom pre-renovation

Bathroom pre-renovation

This bathroom example contains all 5 challenges.


Question-So what type of planning helps you avoid the contractor from Hell?


The ability to visualize or more to the point the ability to randomly move and select things that will come out as being professionally done is a key reason people seek out professional remodelers.


Modifying bathrooms in some way spatially is quite common. Remember this thread, industry leaders will have repeatable processes, they’ll also have things reduced to a science. With that in mind you should be offered a path to floor planning and space plans by your contractor. Some companies, such as USI routinely have 4 sets of plans for each project. Those plans being- floor plans, electrical plans, elevation plans and design plans.


With this level of detail projects evolve with all the requisite information that professionals and consumers regularly need. Minor players will quickly fade if pressed to provide relevant planning if they don’t regularly support their supply.


*(After) picture of bathroom. Design & construction by USI

Bathroom post-renovation. Design & Construction by USI.

Bathroom post-renovation. Design & Construction by USI.



Posted on October 20, 2016 in Bath Design Build

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