Get Water Wise with Your Bathroom Remodel

Get Water Wise with Your Bathroom RemodelWater is a precious resource, and severe droughts in the Southwest have opened many eyes to the fact that we need to start being smarter about how we use water in our home. One of the places that homeowners use the most water is in the bathroom. If you are planning a master bath remodel, ask your remodeling company about how you can make your remodel water wise. Here are some ideas:

  • Low Flow Toilet: You can replace your toilet with a low flow model that uses less water with each flush.
  • Low Flow Showerhead: Like a low flow toilet, a low flow showerhead will use less water. According to The Sacramento Bee, a low flow showerhead can use five fewer gallons of water than a regular showerhead during a ten minute shower.
  • No Tub: Debbie Arrington at the Sacramento Bee estimated that the average bath uses 30 gallons of water, compared to 20 gallons used for a ten-minute shower with a low flow showerhead. If you really want to save water, take the tub out of your bathroom. This will give you more room for a beautiful and spacious shower!
  • Gray Water System: Installing a gray water system allows you to reuse water from your sinks, shower, and even your washing machine to water your lawn. Installing a gray water system goes beyond the scope of a normal master bath remodel, but you can certainly add it to your remodel as a separate project.

If you want to be water wise in Dallas or Ft. Worth, Texas, contact USI Design & Remodeling to discuss ideas for your master bath remodel.

Posted on June 16, 2016 in Bath Design Build, Bathroom Remodeling

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