Luxury Bathroom Alternatives

Designer bathrooms are often the inspiration behind a remodel but the price tag associated can be pretty hefty. But that doesn’t mean your remodel has to be basic and uninspired. With these helpful tips, you can achieve a gorgeous bathroom on a budget.


Stone is not a cheap option within a bathroom, but the luxurious
warmth and natural beauty of it cannot be beaten. You can check your local stone yard for remnants that fit your design or consider less exotic types that may be more affordable. Some examples of alternatives are: granite ($100-$225 per square foot), engineered quartz ($100-$185 per square foot), or tile ($20-75 per square foot).

Grout color

An easy way to a sophisticated and polished look is to tile all or most of your wall surfaces, but the cost associated can be pretty pricey. Combining white ceramic subway tiles with a dark or colored grout can really make your bathroom stand out. White ceramic subway tiles are the most affordable option (can be less than $3 per square foot) at most big-box stores but can look flat when finished. Using the darker grout color will make the tile stand out and is the same cost as white.

 unspecifiedChrome plumbing fittings

When it is time to choose your plumbing fittings, there are many options such as bronze, nickel, brass, and more. High production Chrome fixtures are usually the least expensive option and it is the most maintainable and keeps clean. Chrome is a magnificent accent for both modern and traditional spaces as well.
Tile rug

The most impactful splurge for a bathroom renovation is the floor. Instead of laying a pricey stone mosaic all over, you can save by going with unaccented porcellain. You can use large format field tiles in a coordinating stone around it to easily achieve modern looks.

Knobs and Pulls

If you do not have the budget to splurge on a custom vanity, don’t worry. You can repurpose what you have or a simple model can look unique with some beautiful hardware. Shopping specialty suppliers will provide the most options for distinct knobs and pulls.



Posted on January 3, 2017 in Bath Design Build

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