Where the Major Costs Come From During a Bathroom Remodel

Custom Bathroom ReodelIf you are considering your first kitchen, bath, or full home remodel, you may be surprised at the price tag, even for what you thought was a minor project. Where do all these costs come from? While costs add up along the way from many different things, certain choices will have a big impact on the number at the bottom of your remodel quote:

Structural Changes

The cost of your remodel will dial up whenever you require structural
changes to the room or rooms where the remodel is taking place. For instance, turning a half bath into a full bath will probably require the addition of new plumbing and possibly knocking out walls. This means more hours on the job and more specialized Costs of Bathroom Remodelwork.

Experts and Custom Workmanship

If you need extensive electrical or plumbing work done, that means bringing in a qualified plumbing expert and/or electrician who are more expensive than a standard worker. The same is true if you want custom-built cabinets, shelves built into the wall, or any one-of-a-kind work.

Products and Finishes

From light fixtures to countertops, vanities, mirrors, and new appliances – the items you choose to fill your remodeled room can range drastically in price. For example, you can choose to spend a few hundred dollars on new tiles for your kitchen floor or a couple thousand.

You always have the option to modify your expectations in order to bring down the price of your overall project. It all depends on your budget and your vision for your remodel. If you live in Dallas or Ft. Worth, Texas, contact USI Design & Remodeling to discuss your project budget.

Posted on May 13, 2016 in Bath Design Build, Bathroom Remodeling

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